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Below is a paragraph written by Bianca Zhang about 2023 LNY MC experiences. Thanks for providing the opportunity!
When preparing for the Lunar New Year Event, I was given the opportunity to lead a group of students from Artisan’s Dance Academy (ADA) and Lexington High School (LHS) to create a Master of Ceremonies program. Our amazing MC members are Bianca Zhang (ADA/LHS), Grace Li (ADA/LHS), Emma Li (ADA), Sarah Zhang (ADA), Nathan Lim (LHS), Zach Zeaske (LHS), Tammer Haddad (LHS), and Edward Suber (LHS). We collaborated to cover the various themes of the event including: diversity, history, prosperity, and other qualities of Chinese culture. After organizing rehearsal times and making many edits to our scripts we were able to present our hard work on the day of the event, delivering our speeches in both English and Mandarin to an audience of >600 people.

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Working together with this group was such a wonderful experience and truly a swift process as this was my first time participating in the organization of an event like this one. Everyone was eager to participate in helping share Chinese culture and raising proceeds for the community of Lexington I feel extremely honored and grateful that I was given the opportunity to help share my culture with my community through the art of dance. Leading up to this event, countless hours of practice were put into perfecting formations and details of the many dances that were performed. Artisan’s Dance Academy showcased a variety of dances to express the diversity of Chinese heritage and culture. “Tang Dynasty” tells the story of the liveliness within the artistry which flourished throughout the empire. On the other hand, “Dancing in the Moonlight” emulates the scenery of glimmering reflections cast upon the water in the night. We are proud to see that our performances were very well-received by the audience. Dances and music are truly forms of art without language barrier.

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Website Phase I Team

Sophia Z

Sophia Zhou

Team Lead

Sophia Zhou is a 9th grader at Lexington High School. Her hobbies are drawing, reading, and cooking.


Joley Leung

Website Designer

Joley Leung is a 9th grader at Lexington High School. She likes to doodle in her free time.

Sophia G

Sophia Guo

Website Designer

Sophia Guo is a 9th grader at Lexington High School who loves reading, writing, drawing, swimming, and playing the violin. She enjoys spending time with her three younger siblings and engaging with the Lexington community. She is also an avid learner who can speak Mandarin, English, and some Spanish and Korean.


Jaden Leung

Team Mentor

Jaden Leung is a senior at Lexington High School. He enjoys coding, cubing, and playing basketball.


Angelina Ding

Logo Designer

Angelina is a 5th grade student at Harrington Elementary School. She enjoys math, reading, and writing. Her hobbies are sketching, dancing, and playing piano and violin.

Website Phase II Team

Kevin Z

Kevin Zhu

Team Lead

Kevin Zhu is a junior at Lexington High School who enjoys web dev, 3D printing, and playing video games.

Sophia Z

Sophia Zhou


Sophia Zhou is a 10th grader at Lexington High School. Her hobbies are drawing, reading, and cooking.

Andrew W

Andrew Wu


Andrew Wu is a 9th grader at Lexington High school. He enjoys learning about history and science.